In focus


Don’t let the weather limit your photography. Raindrops can add an extra dimension to boring shots.

So, no excuses.




In focus

Who says you can’t go back? My favorite spot for photographs is Churchville Park, and I go back a lot. And, I’m never disappointed. Season or lighting makes it a new experience every time.

Conveniently located, Churchville is five miles from my house. Running errands is just an excuse to throw the camera in the car and scoot through the park.

No matter time of the year, it’s a good chance there’ll be wildlife. Herons, egrets, geese, and ducks are a given. And I’ve been lucky enough to see red foxes and osprey. Regardless, the scenery and sunsets are beautiful.

These photos illustrate my point that the same place never gets boring. They were shot in almost the identical spot. One in autumn’s bright light and the other on a foggy winter’s day.