In focus

Who says you can’t go back? My favorite spot for photographs is Churchville Park, and I go back a lot. And, I’m never disappointed. Season or lighting makes it a new experience every time.

Conveniently located, Churchville is five miles from my house. Running errands is just an excuse to throw the camera in the car and scoot through the park.

No matter time of the year, it’s a good chance there’ll be wildlife. Herons, egrets, geese, and ducks are a given. And I’ve been lucky enough to see red foxes and osprey. Regardless, the scenery and sunsets are beautiful.

These photos illustrate my point that the same place never gets boring. They were shot in almost the identical spot. One in autumn’s bright light and the other on a foggy winter’s day.

In focus

dsc00009What to do when the skies are gray, dark, and gloomy? Find an old cemetery, that’s what.

Today, we found a gem, Wheatland Rural Cemetery. Very well maintained, and filled with history.

Veteran’s graves were marked serving in the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and the Civil war. We felt honored to walk through the hallowed grounds. And as always when we visit a cemetery, we gained new appreciation for life.

In focus


Baby, it’s cold outside. And that’s hell for us outdoor photographers. The frigid cold is tough on the body and equipment. There’s not much to photograph, except white on white. Even the wildlife is hunkered down.

But, fortunately there’s always tons of work to do inside, like catalog photos, edit, and sharpen techniques by studying. But, if you want to keep the creative juices flowing, there’s plenty to shoot inside, too.

Dream up still life photos from prized possessions sitting around the house, super market plants, or deals from the dollar store.

Last winter, my husband and I challenged each other. With a set dollar amount, we went on a spree at an antique shop. Came home and set up the tabletop studio. We even surprised ourselves with our creations.

In focus

dscn4685The New Year is when we reflect, organize, and set goals. It’s also a great time to back up photos and documents.

I’ve learned the hard way. Because of computer problems, I’ve lost many irreplaceable photos. And it’s heartbreaking. Now, I use a portable drive for storage and peace of mind.

So, as we start this New Year, take care to preserve precious memories.


In focus

You know what I love about holiday photos? Everything!

They don’t have to be perfect, after all it’s the moment that you’re capturing. A child too enthralled with a toy to stare into the camera or a smidgen of eggnog on a face, nothing can ruin a holiday image. It’s memories being chronicled.

Often, too late in life we realize time is fleeting and life is so precious. So, take every opportunity to photograph and don’t agonize over the details. Be thankful of the memories….

I know I am very thankful.